Space Hardware Cygnx Wavetable Monosynth (Sneak Preview)

This is a sneak preview of the Space Hardware Cygnx – a hybrid digital/analog wavetable monosynth.


  • All aluminium contruction.
  • Front panel LED matrix Oscilloscope showing the pre-filter sound.
  • Two digital oscillators:
  • 12 sweepable wavetables with smooth and stepped modes and sweep direction.
  • 24 single cycle waveforms which can be mixed using Add, Xor, Split, Phase Distortion or FM.
  • And an additional PWM mode.
  • Waveshaping options – Layer, Sync, Fold, Shape, Phase Distortion 1, Phase Distortion 2, Phase Distortion 3
  • Two analogue filters –
  • Filter 1: 12dB/Oct LPF/BPF with overdrive
  • Filter 2: 24dB/Oct LPF/Notch with variable notch mode
  • Three LFOs and two analogue ADSRs
  • 120 step programmable sequencer, records note value and velocity.
  • Midi In and Thru.

Pricing and availability are TBA. A waiting list is available at the Space Hardware site.

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16 thoughts on “Space Hardware Cygnx Wavetable Monosynth (Sneak Preview)

  1. Good on him for not just trying to make another Moog clone. It has a nice PPG-ish thing going on that would blend nicely with an all analog polysynth. Interesting.

  2. Man that oscilloscope is really cool!

    Forget a moog clone, a wavetable synth that has phase distortion and FM options, this thing is awesome! the FM option has me down already!

    This is an exciting new synth as have many been that came out this year.

    1. I thought about this too. But I kind of think that patch memory makes me complacent with sounds. I am far more likely to flip through sounds I’ve made and presets when firing up one of my synths than make a new sound. No patch memory means I have to get good at knowing exactly what settings I need to make a given sound type (bass, lead, pad, etc). If I really like a sound I make on a patch memoryless synth, I simply sample it. Sure that doesn’t leave it open to augmentation in the future, but I’m not to picky about that.

  3. Sounds really interesting! Dirty but in a quite musical sense. I guess it will be pricey and you’ll have to wait a bit for it if you want one. but let’s see…

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