Synthjunk’s ‘A Moment’

This is the video song style music video for Synthjunk’s A Moment.

“It has the classic Jupiter 8 sound in it and it also includes my new modular synth,” notes Synthjunk. “I hope you enjoy it.”

via SynthJunk

Technical details:

This track came about by playing around with chords while running the arpeggiator on the Jupiter 8. The moment I heard that sound coming out of the Jupiter I knew I had to capture it.

I then laid down the guitar chords and recorded the lead that first came to mind. The modular synth is making sequencing noises in parts and one of its sequencers was used to provide gate pulses to the jupiter’s arpeggio clock.

Also used was a Pro-one, JP6 & MPC. Recorded with Ableton Live.

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