AudioSpillage Intros Elecktroid Drum Machine For OS X

AudioSpillage has introduced Elecktroid – a new Mac drum machine app that combines drum synthesis, sample playback and step sequencer functionality in a single integrated package.


  • 8 drum pads.
  • 8 sequencer tracks.
  • 24 MIDI playable patterns.
  • Full velocity and parameter control graph editing.
  • Assign trigger-probability value to any sequencer step.
  • Humanize and groove quantize control.
  • 4 drum synthesis models (BassDrum, SnareDrum, WoodDrum and Hi-Hat).
  • 1 sample and 1 drum synth per pad.
  • Or 2 samples per pad (without the synth).
  • Velocity cross-fade between sample and synth (or between 2 samples).
  • 8 sound outputs.
  • Distortion, filter and lo-fi FX on each pad.
  • 2 LFOs (6 waveforms) per pad.
  • 3 ADSR envelopes per pad.
  • 64-bit DSP processing.

Elecktroid is a direct replacement for the MiniSpillage2 plugin which has now been discontinued. Customers who have already ordered MiniSpillage2 will automatically receive a full license for Elecktroid when released.

Elecktroid is available to pre-order now for a special 20% discounted price for Mac OS X as an Audio Unit plug-in.

  • Release price: £45 / €56 / $69
  • Pre-order price: £35 / €45 / $55

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3 thoughts on “AudioSpillage Intros Elecktroid Drum Machine For OS X

  1. uTonic/microtonic is also only 8 tracks, and I love it! Still enough tracks to create a fat drum mix, but not too much to clutter the UI. Since switching from browsing thru drum samples to using a drum synth plug-in, the creative process part of making a track has become much more faster and streamlined for me. I will definitely try this one down the road.

  2. I’m using Minispillage2, and I must say, it’s got me pretty stoked for this release. Great job on this, and the price point is right for broke asses like me.

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