iOS Update Looks At iRig Stomp & Amplitube

Sweetwater’s Editorial Director Mitch Gallagher takes a look at the iRig Stomp iPad interface for guitar, plays with the Amplitube guitar amp modeling app, and explains the difference between shutting an app down and putting it to sleep.

I’m not convinced that Gallagher’s recommendation to manually manage apps makes much of a difference – but your mileage may vary.

While this episode of his iOS Update focuses on guitarists, that doesn’t mean you can’t abuse Amplitude for your own evil purposes.

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One thought on “iOS Update Looks At iRig Stomp & Amplitube

  1. I had intended to buy Aplitube for iOS last year, but they didn’t support anything but their own hardware for I/O. So I bought Positive Grid JamUp Pro to use with my Alesis I/O dock, and turned out to like it a whole lot more.

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