Ableton Live Auto Sidechain Plugin

Point Blank instructor and course developer Daniel Herbert has created a Max For Live custom auto sidechain plugin for use in Ableton Live.

In the video, Herbert explains how the free plugin works and how to set it up.

The auto sidechain plugin is available as a free download via their Facebook site (Facebook account required).

4 thoughts on “Ableton Live Auto Sidechain Plugin

  1. First; as usual this isn’t a free plugin. You ‘only’ need to “like” their stuff through facebook.

    Not having a social media account (and not planning on getting one) I obviously can’t grab this but from what I saw in the movie I think these guys present the whole thing a little too optimistic.

    M4L (out of the box) can’t do side chaining; you can’t get any extra audio inserts apart from what’s available on the track the device is on.

    I’m also quite confused about this video. First he drags the device in using the Live browser (yes; the grey area at the left). Then all of a sudden he starts with “If you want to drag this in using the Live browser…” while he /just did that/. Errr?

    Yes; I know; he probably meant from the ‘default location’, but that’s not what he said. Newbies are watching this too you know; they’ll get confused over silly mistakes like that.

    Anyway, “instant ducking”. Yeah right.

    I haven’t tried this myself obviously (see above) but I think these guys make false promises. As mentioned above: M4L does not support side chaining. There are tricks to overcome this, but that’s not real side chaining. Worse; it’ll get get you quite a bit of extra latency because of the trick. Its a trick or hack afterall…

    So quite frankly I’m by far convinced that this device is as great as its being portraited.

  2. is it really that hard to add ableton’s compressor, click the little arrow, and select the sidechain? and if it is, why not just set the autopan to mono and use it?
    on the other hand, maybe this device will be a little less cpu-hungry than a true sidechained ducking effect. i could see people who prefer to duck in ms. using this more if so.

  3. Not sure why the negative comments. 1) Try it 2) It provides a somewhat different approach to developing the side chain response – different interface can yield different results. As for the “load from browser” comment above, yes he should have said “to place the plugin in your library” would have been more accurate.
    And the plugin is free – free refers to Money, not likes on Facebook.

    i don’t thinks this is portrayed as the next best thing since sliced bread. Rather, it seems a bit clever. I like clever. Thanks for the plugin.

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