24 thoughts on “What’s Deadmau5 Got Now?

  1. Whoopee, he can show everyone how he controls the delay on HIS own songs, while he plays the same ones in the same order each night. Gimme a break.

  2. i think his team wrote the software. he was streaming from live.deadmau5 all last week while setting it up, whilst doing other things with that sick new studio of his. he mentioned that at some point it will be clear/see through so he’ll be able to face the audience. the stream was prob recorded and slapped up on youtube for anyone wanting more info. its cool, and its him… ya know?

  3. I like that he faces the same direction as the people. I do that too in my line of work. They see the same thing, from the same angle he does.
    But you get the impression the fans go wild at whatever he does. He could be making toast up there and they’d be all, “Yay! Cinnamon toast!” “Ooh! Everything Bagel with cream cheese!” “Wowee! Melted cheese on rye!”

  4. Well, electronic music is a horrible way to make a living these days. And even though this guy is a dickhead, he is working the system. All he needs to do now is buy up rights to other peoples music, MJ style, to get uber rich.

  5. I get the impression from the comments, that Deadmau5 and a very cool studio is like giving a sparrow a bazooka? … now I don’t know anything about this guy other than what I read here because DJ’ing does not touch anything in me… I just don’t get the hype around them I guess… If they can earn so much they can buy a monster studio, good for them… I just hope they know how to use the stuff, or they’ll have to pay for all that cool stuff to let other people use it for them… that’s a scary though actualy… to have to spend that much and have to let others work it?

    Just my thoughts..

  6. I don’t understand why there is so much hate for Deadmau5. Of all the electronic acts making a living from and performing electronic music today, he is in my opinion, at the forefront, pushing the boundaries musically and visually. By no means am I a super fan. He makes some good melodic stuff (which I prefer) and then some more of the blooooorp dubsteppy stuff which isnt my cup of tea, but of course the latter genre lends itself well to this kind of performance. Overall, I take my hat of to this guy.

    ps – if you like your electronic music melodic, with synth riffs and harmonies, check out my new album “My Electronic Heart” at http://www.andyhagerty.com (blatant plug, sorry! 😉

  7. That is not the Lemur, but a similar touch interface.

    Who cares if this guy’s got lots of gear and VSTs and all that? He makes shitty music for dumb people to listen to.

    FAith in humanity lost again.

  8. Less or even no DJ’s on Synthtopia please, I visit this site to find out about synthesizers both new and old, not record spinners on ego trips ;o)

  9. It’s brilliant the amount of people here born with all the knowledge in the world.
    Claiming to like synths and then hating on some guy who earned his way into a synth filled studio (spinning recods or not), and now has the opportunity to develop his knowledge and skill using these tools to make something he loves to do, compose music.
    I wonder what are these comment sections needed for, if they’re only used to spill hate and disregard for other people life and work (with some exceptions of course).

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