PSY – Gangnam Style

It’s been a while since we shared a music video that scars the eyeballs with weirdness.

Reader ShelLuser helped correct that lapse, referring us to Gangnam Style, the latest music video by South Korea’s Park Jae-Sang, aka PSY.

“I think its pretty impressive that PSY manages to pick up already existing styles and beats and manages to make this fully his own in a music piece which has already been viewed and enjoyed 16 million times,” notes ShelLuser.

We can scarcely say more, other than that “Gangnam Style” roughly translates to “swag”.

23 thoughts on “PSY – Gangnam Style

  1. *gag* Another derivative, idiotic contribution to the heat death of the Universe. “Outstanding” is not an accurate description by a parsec. Its like the 50th photocopy of a photocopy, all blur and no appreciable content. Not a speck of originality to mar the disco sheen. No wonder so many people sneer when you say ‘synthesizer,’ with this kind of drivel as an example. Have we no flamethrowers??

    1. Please provide at least 2 photocopy example which such bubblegum brightness…really since last year I’vent heard something like this…i would like to have more 😉

      1. I quite disagree. The overall, collosal awesomeness would be taken down a couple of notches without proper eyewear. Besides, Koreans need protection from UV, too.

  2. Hey cool, I got mentioned. Thanks Synthhead!

    Yeah, I think this is a pretty awesome piece. Its plain out silly but by doing so also somewhat seems to mock some of the more popular ‘Western’ video clips. And hey; it got an explosion, what’s there not to like ? 😉

    But what I really liked is the “no nonsense” approach here. Its silly, its fun and they don’t pretend that its any better than that (or so I think, I don’t understand Korean that well).

    If you liked this one you may also enjoy the “Making off” video here:

    Looking at how much fun the crew has, and how silly some of the moves really look when you see ‘m performed without music (which sometimes makes the cast members /themselves/ visually laugh out loud) is IMO adding even more to the awesomeness.

    1. If he was ‘trained’ at Berklee, he should get his tuition back. It didn’t stick. Or maybe it stuck too well. His parody looks and sounds WAY too much like ‘the real thing.’ Welcome to the Planet of the 12-Year-Olds. Anyone who doesn’t like what I like is stupid. Ah, bullsh*t, heh heh. I just can’t get past the fact that its such a dump truck of really old dance & music vid cliches. Not impressed.

  3. it doesnt translate to swag. dont you dare taint this song with the word swag, its english fool. it means oppas gangnam style which sort of means big brother/older man is gangnam style without all this romanization and grammar

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