Hard Mod Electronics Intros Duo_ Portable Modular Synthesizer

Handmade Electronics has introduced the Duo_ Portable Modular Synth.

Duo_ is a modular synth with portable case, compact design and pure analog sound. It has no pre-connection, but has a 80-patchbay jacks. They describe it as “a friendly start in the world of modulars” – but also a complement to existing modulars.

Details below.

The Duo_ Portable Modular Synth

Here’s a video intro to the Duo_ modular synth:


  • Pure Analog Voice Circuitry
  • 2 VCO (Saw, Triangle, Square, sine, PWM, Sync input & 3 CV inputs)
  • 2 VCF (Each with 3 CV inputs)
  • VCF 1 (24dB Low Pass Filter)
  • VCF 2 (Variable Filter with independent outputs LPF/HPF/BPF)
  • 2 VCA (Lin & Log response each with 2 CV inputs)
  • 2 Envelope Generators AD (1 gate input for 2 EGs)
  • VCLFO (Voltage Controlled LFO, 5 independent outputs, PWM & 3 CV inputs)
  • Sample & Hold (2 outputs, Portamento, Clock input, Gate & Trigger outputs)
  • Noise Generator (White, Grainy, Roaring & Digital)
  • Mixer (4 Channels & 1 output)
  • 3 Voltage distributors (each with 1 input & 4 outputs)
  • Portable Wooden Case & aluminum faceplate
  • Patchbay (Mini jacks 3.5mm)
  • Voltage Input AC120V / 220V / 240V
  • The purchase includes PDF manual & Video tutorials.

Duo_ Audio Demos: 

The Duo_ is available for $650 at the Hard Mod site.

via Yadir Zarate

28 thoughts on “Hard Mod Electronics Intros Duo_ Portable Modular Synthesizer

    1. My Hard Mod Modular is utterly shit.
      I spend more time fixing it, than I do actually using it to make music. The build quality is that atrocious…
      Every time I try to use it a input on the front panel gets pushed thru – this is even after I have re-screwed everything and used metal glue to fasten the inputs to the front panel.
      And yes I am being careful, I’m just very frustrated as this machine has mainly given me grief and not much useful music time.
      Steer clear of Hard Mod products.

  1. Really good price for what you get here. I’d get this over the Kraftzwerg if I was looking at that. I wonder if the VCFs do 1v/oct self-oscilation.

    1. Thank you! Yes the VCFs are self-oscilation but not exactly 1V/Oct, anyway it will be closed because have it a range adjustment knob (mark with “Adjust” on the faceplate). Please check out the web site for more information.

    1. Hi! Don´t have midi input only CV inputs to each VCOs, VCFs, VCAs & LFO. With any Midi-CV interface you can controlled the Duo_ The next week I will post one more video with a MiditoCV8 of Paia, this interface is recommended.

  2. This looks great! I hope these guys sell heaps of these so they can continue to build lots more cool, interesting affordable analog gear!

  3. Wow, I may have to grab one of these. That’s a really good price-to-feature ratio, it would be difficult for me to build one like that from bare PCBs for much less $$$.

  4. Only AD envelopes? Just one mixer? No 1V/Octave filter tracking? Makes me wonder how stable the oscillators are and how many octaves they track. From what I hear and read this seems to be more of a noise machine and less a musical instrument that you could also use to play tunes. Nothing wrong with that per se but perhaps the people behind this shold make it clear what the intended uses of this machine are.

    1. The oscillators are stables (temperature compensated) and have good tracking over 8 octaves. VCF don´t is 1V/Oct but is very closed because have a “Adjust” function. For all your modules, Duo_ is a Synth to musical applications and of course a amazing resource to make noise!

      1. Thank you! One more thing: is there any more videos? i’m interested in melodic blip and noizy sound. will you post a bit more videos and tracks on soundcloud?

          1. Duo_ is a magical machine to create melodic blips, noisy sounds… And more. But is very generous because his other main purpose is musical!
            Maybe the next week I will upload a new video with more crazy patches and Midi-CV applications. The total weight is 8kg, don´t is expensive for a Modular System (believe me). Please contact to shipping cost and delivery information.

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