Open Mic: What Are Your Favorite Music Apps For iOS?

Open Mic: This video captures Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess demoing his favorite music apps for iOS, including: Magellan, Tachyon, Cassini, Nlog, Cylon Voice, Garage Band, Geo Synthesizer, DrumJam, NanoStudio, SynthX, VoiceSynth, BitWiz, SpaceWiz, Animoog, iDensity, iKaossilator, PixiTracker, TC-11, MorphWiz and SampleWiz.

What are your favorite music apps for iOS?

82 thoughts on “Open Mic: What Are Your Favorite Music Apps For iOS?

  1. Mine of course (I won’t shill, though)! Some apps that I’m digging right now are Cassini and Magellan, bs16i is a workhorse, and Genome is luring me towards sequencing on my iPad. I have yet to find a DAW that I’m comfortable with. VCVCBC is a great songwriting tool (a bit rough around the edges, but worth checking out if you write songs with chords and lyrics). Animoog is great, but I find that it’s often “too much,” with the default patches having more of a “listen to all the things I can do” feel than “this is a tone that works in a song” feel.

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  2. For “make whole tracks in me”:

    NanoStudio (love its synth and overall workflow), iMS-20 (yeah yeah), BeatMaker 2 (thouph i prefer NanoStudio, i spent time jamming in BM).

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  3. For “sound design”:

    Jasuto Pro (it’s like eurorack modular in your pocket! one of the greatest app ever!), TC-11 (very deep synth engine + AWESOME use of touch display’s and gyroscope’s possibilities to control anything!!!), SampleWiz (pretty useful)

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  4. For “groove”:

    Bleep!Box (very-very good groovebox-synth with flexible synth engine and some live perfomance things), GlitchBreaks (dblueglitchME lol), JR Hexatone (very complex drum machine u know), Molten,Stochastic, iElectribe (hello ER1MKII !!!) and TweakyBeat (little awesomeness)

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  5. For “real instruments”:


    For “perfomance”:

    BeBot/MorphWiz, GeoSynth (i hate keyboards lol), TC-11 , NanoLoop, RicePad
    (i rly love RicePad for live improvisation and it’s more FUN than BeatMaker).
    Also WerkBench now

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  6. “Other”:

    Curtis (strange synthesis from strange agency), CP 1919, iGendyn, Monnix (nice noise synth), Radarhead 19, RISCy . TOPLAPapp and now SpaceWiz (several voices either melodic or drum-like and different effects and sequencing\control. )

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  7. Nice to see Sunrizer getting so much love! Does anyone else have a few bugs with switching banks? I’ve been waiting for the update to fix it for a while now.

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    1. Every now and then, Sunrizer loses the option to switch Preset banks when I’m trying to save a patch.

      I haven’t going a workaround other than restarting. Still a great synth though.

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      1. That’s what I’ve been doing too. I need to just organize all of the sounds I made into one bank instead of having them spread around as they are now!

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  8. iMS-20, iElectribe, Animoog, Filtatron, Bebot, Werkbench, CP1919, Phaedra, Electronic Piano Synthesizer, Figure, 76, Sunrizer, Molten.

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  9. Animoog
    Grain Science
    iTabla Pro
    many more
    All on iPhone
    Building MIDI controller to dock iPhone into for live stage!
    So Stoked

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  10. Well, obviously anything with polyphonic aftertouch: Animoog, SynthX, Magellan, Morphwiz, etc.. Extra credit if the app supports real unisons (SynthX really sold me on the value of true unisons.)

    Favorite DAWs/audio recorders: GarageBand, Multitrack DAW, studio.HD, Apple
    Workhorse Synths: NLog Pro (your analog friend, shares patches with AU/VST version), Sunrizer (supersaw!), DXi (4op FM), Addictive Synth (6 oscillators make everything great), iSyn Poly (decent backup VA)
    Up-and-coming stars: Magellan, Cassini
    Racks o’ Gear: Nanostudio, GarageBand, Rhythm Studio, Xenon
    Awesome virtual hardware: iMS-20, iElectribe, iKaossilator, Tenori-On, (maybe Fairlight too 😀 )
    Unjustly maligned favorites: SynthStation, ReBirth
    Neglected drum machines: Molten, DM1, GarageBand, FunkBox, ReBirth

    Yeah, I never expected the iPad to become such a favorite musical gadget, but it is – I even record other instruments (P’08, guitar, etc.) into it because it’s convenient and fun.

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  11. Bitwiz – live coding that you don’t have to know programming to use.
    Sunvox – incredible modular studio.
    Jasuto pro- uniquing sounding modular playground, could be a classic if not for many bugs.
    TNR-i – advance mode and MIDI out!

    I like TC-11, but it until it can work with samples and fm I can’t love it.

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