Circuito Eletrônico – The First Brazilian Synth Meet

Reader Guilherme Queiroga let us know about Circuito Eletrônico, held Sat Aug 18th.

The video above, via Arthur Joly, captures some of the activities. You don’t need to know Portuguese to see that this event was pretty hardcore, featuring fantastic vintage and modern gear, DIY creations, demonstrations and performances.

You can also see photos from the event on Queiroga’s Facebook page.

Organizers note that, “worshiping the relationship between voltage and sound has been a craving for many artists, producers and builders scattered to the four corners of the planet.”

Circuito Eletrônico may have been the first Brazilian synth meetup, but, after seeing how passionate Brazilian synthesists are about synths and electronic music, we are pretty sure it will not be the last.

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