Synapse Audio Releases Three Rack Extensions For Reason

Synapse Audio Rack Extension for Reason

Synapse Audio has released three new Rack Extensions for Propellerhead Reason:

  • DR-1 Deep Reverb – Inspired by a high-end 1980s outboard reverb, the Synapse Deep Reverb DR-1 delivers a deep, lush sound not found in modern software reverbs. Rather than trying to imitate real spaces, the DR-1 gives an uncolored and pleasant reverb sound that is especially well suited for synthetic material and lead sounds.
  • AP-12 Analog Phaser – The Synapse AP-12 emulates vintage analog phasers, which are composed of a series of phase shifting stages with a feedback path wrapped around them. The phase shifting stages (switchable between 6 and 12 stages) are modulated by a LFO, which can be synchronized to the current song tempo. In contrast to most hardware phasers, the AP-12 employs a stereo signal path, allowing the LFO to use different phases on the left and right channel, and thus creating a nice stereo effect. Furthermore, the feedback can be set to both positive and negative amounts, each resulting a in different timbre.
  • VE-3 Vintage Equalizer – The Synapse Vintage EQ-3 is a model of a 3-band analog tone stack, as found in late 50s guitar amplifiers. The unique sound of these devices is due to the coupled, passive circuits employed, where changing any parameter affects the entire network in a complex way. This is different from a digital parametric EQ, which operates on just one isolated region of interest. While this comes at the advantage of precise boost and cut amounts (useful in correcting a mix), the overall sound is often too predictable and boring. For creative sound shaping, the Vintage EQ-3 is often a better choice.

Details on the three new Rack Extensions are available at the Synapse Audio site.

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