MacBeth Micromac-r Makes “One Hell Of A Lot Of Sound”

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Here’s another sneak preview, via Ken MacBeth, of the upcoming Micromac-r synthesizer.

“This is the first test that I have done of the micromac-r synthesizer since this test example came back from the assembly plant,” says MacBeth. “All is good! It’s working perfectly! One hell of a lot of sound come from a very micro sized unit!”

Check it out and let us know what you think!

15 thoughts on “MacBeth Micromac-r Makes “One Hell Of A Lot Of Sound”

    • there’s no built-in sequencer, he’s using the sequencer on the korg. each oscillator has its own CV input so you can sequence them individually, pretty nifty.

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  1. I have a feeling that this is what the future of synthesis might look like.
    It has the analog sound and tweakability of a hardware synth which we all love. But it’s so tiny, it could fit in a rack and be macgyvered to be sequence-able. It removes that flaw of analog synths that they can be a bit bulky. It does several things better than a VST can.

    Quite often the sounds we want as the “bread and butter” just don’t use all the crazy routing capabilities of serious VSTs like massive, and we’d rather have a ballsy, simple, analog sound. I can totally see a market for this.

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  2. Unusually for Ken, he made this video in colour and you can actually see the product – good marketing move. The incredible range of cool sounds may help with sales, too.

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    • Here I thought we were all done with the witch hunt, but I’m glad to be wrong, because I love to hear crazy people come up with these crazy stories. Have you given any money to a Nigerian prince lately? This is a synth blog, not a conspiracy theory nuthouse, you might find people more interested in the YouTube comments of zeitgeist.

      As for the synth, it’s pretty awesome looking/sounding, I really like the seperate vco inputs. I hope the keyboard version actually comes out. That or those fancy touch plates.

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  4. Quite possibly one of the fattest sounding synths on the planet… made by a truly musical genius, who gets what the big boys just do not comprehend anymore…

    Now Ken, would you make us a drum machine and step sequencer too please?

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