Sound Magic Release Laurel Pipa Chinese Lute Sample Library

Sound Magic has introduced  Laurel Pipa, described as the ‘largest sampled Pipa to appear on the market.’ Sound Magic’s 2.5GB library offers over 15 categories and 60 variations.

Sound Magic invited a pipa virtuoso from the prestigious Central Academy of Drama in Beijing to record their wide variety of sounds. To make it easier for you to sound like one of these world reknowned Pipa performers, Sound Magic has developed a simpler set of controls to let you control all 60 skills on the fly.

For more information, listening audio demos, see the Sound Magic site.

2 thoughts on “Sound Magic Release Laurel Pipa Chinese Lute Sample Library

  1. $99 for 2.5 gb of one specific lute? A bit purist and pricey, innit? It IS a sweet sound and they captured it well, but I can program something extremely close from what I have, including an E-mu Planet Earth. So much has been well-captured in several formats by now that people are straining to find a Next Big Thing. Once you have orchestras, 40 synths, rock/jazz instruments and ethnic oddities all in-hand, its back on the user to DO something with them. I see inspiring new things from time to time, but no plug-in can provide you with the drive to sculpt something new with them. Still, I’d like to think that at least 100 people with WX7s and Eigenharps will take this up. The delicacy is commendable.

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