14 thoughts on “The Synth-Project DIVA Controller

  1. The design look great. I don’t see why you couldn’t fix a synth to it. Your work is v impressive but again, soft synths are not up to much , latency problems, operating system changes etc.
    I hope you design a synth some time ?this looks good. What price will they be?

  2. I quite like this idea…. although it’s a bit of a one trick pony. I’d love to see a lego building block type modular system whereby you could arrange (and rearrange) a panel that replicates the layout of some of the popular ipad synths. As far as ‘soft synths are not up to much’….. yawn! not that again. I was there in the early 70’s with my first SH-3A and I can tell you I’d have been blown away to hear what comes out of a soft synth.

    1. I got into synths just as midi came in ,my first one being a Jen, the next a casio z101.
      I have pretty much owned most popular synths over the last 25 years. I have had loads of records out .etc etc
      I think soft synths are shit, and unstable and sound crap. I have taught Midi ,synthesis and sequencing , so it is not really a knee jerk reaction to soft synths, merely a working knowledge.
      So you have one opinion, I have another I think soft synths are a joke. If they where so good, we wouldn’t be seeing all the companies making new hardware synths.
      Some of these controllers are v expensive and don’t generate there own sounds, seem a bit fuckin weird , people want to part with cash for such stuff!!

  3. That looks good. I wish I had a real good electronics supply store in my area for encoders, knobs, etc. Although cheaper Sometimes ordering stuff from the net is a drag.

    1. What kind of psycho thumbs down that comment? /boggle

      If you’re buying encoders/knobs/hardware in any quantity, the net is the way to go. Mouser/Jameco/Small Bear!

  4. I just dont see the point of making a Controller for a software synth like this. I would rather just have a hardware synth that is made to be like the soft synth that could be used as a controller…

    1. Since the DIVA is short for ‘Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue synthesizer, I think it’d be pretty silly to make a hardware version of an algorithm designed to successfully model and impersonate analogue hardware. On the other hand…having all of the controls so much more easily available….genius. Especially the knobs that switch out moduls….this controller is a work of art.

  5. Everyone has a different workflow. Sometimes we forget this. Personally I like the replicitability of soft synths, yet mss the accessibility of hardware. So I completely understand having something like this. The only barrier is time/cost of acquiring it.

  6. The Diva soft synth is major cut above other soft synths, in my opinion.
    The Diva sounds rich, smooth and ……..punchy when you want it to be.
    I got my JP8080 to somewhat be a great controller for it……..pretty sweet little softy.

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