Jeffrey’s Father Had A Lot Of Trouble Getting Him Back Home

Synthesist Michel van Osenbruggen (aka, tells a great story at his site about meeting a precocious young man named Jeffrey, who’s really into synths:

Just before I went on holiday, I had a visitor over in my studio.

In the picture, you see ‘Keyboard Jeff’ aka ‘Synthex’ because of his love of the Elka. Jeffrey is 13 years old and a very talented keyboard player with a unfamiliar musical taste for a boy of his age. He doesn’t play dance or whatever, but he likes 80’s synthesizer music.

 I met him at the E-live festival in Eindhoven were he approached me and told me he knew all my music and my videos from my website.

van Osenbruggen invited him to visit his Apollo Studio‘the ultimate synth cave’, gave him a tour and even spent some time jamming with him.

Needless to say, ‘Jeffrey’s father had lot of trouble getting him back home’. We can understand why.

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  1. Good strategy! I must try dressing up in my old school uniform and following Brian Eno around everywhere. Maybe I’ll get the same treatment! Or some treatment, anyway…

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