The Protosynth Prototyping Synthesizer

This video, via Tymkrs, introduced a unique ‘prototyping synthesizer’ DIY project, the Protosynth.

The Protosynth is designed to streamline experimenting with keyboard-controlled electronic music projects and the prototyping of new DIY synth projects.

The video shows a lot of background on the creating of the Protosynth and follows that with a brief demo of how it can be used.

5 thoughts on “The Protosynth Prototyping Synthesizer

  1. Nice idea, and seems to work pretty well, but why, when he wired the keyboard and the audio to the back of the breadboard, didn’t he do the same with the power supply? Also, I’d have been tempted to wire up a few permenant pots to mess around with.

    1. I wanted to leave the power as re-configurable as possible. One huge reason for this is that I’d like to build a few circuits around SID chips which need a 12v DC supply. The supply I used in the first demo is a very cool little thing from that plugs right into the power rails of the breadboard. Perfect thing for the job.

      As for built in pots, I considered designing space into the case for them but instead came up with another solution. For circuits that I use often, I’m working on building up many soldered up modules that plug right into the breadboards. This allows me to quickly add say, 8 pots, for a step sequencer.

      @whixr / @tymkrs

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