Live Synth Jam – ‘September Morning’

Sunday Synth Jam: This live jam, September Morning’, features the synth & percussion synth work of the husband and wife pair of Silvie & Mick von Tiefengrund.

  • Silvie von Tiefengrund: Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard in multimode, triggert by the e-Drumset
  • Mick von Tiefengrund: Synthesizers

Technical details below:

Another live performance with my synthesizers and my wife Silvie on the e-drumset.
The recording and mixing is absolutly live, on one track . No overdubs!

Our Setup:

Vermona Perfourmer MK 2

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard used as a drum-synthesizer, triggert by the e-drumset

Doepfer Dark Energy supported by a A-110 VCO and pitch and modulation wheel used as solo synth

Second Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard

My A-1oo Case:

A-111-5 Sythesizer Voice (Dark Energy Modul)

2x A-110 VCO
A-138 Mixer
A-106-5 SEM Type Filter 12 dB
A-120 Moog Type Filter

ADSR-Envelope generator

A-155 Analog/ Trigger Sequenzer
A-145 Sequencer Controller
A-151 Quad Sequential Switch
Clock Devider
A-118 Noise / Random
A-148 Dual Sample&Hold / Track&Hold
A-145 LFO

…and other modules

For solo I use the “real” dark energy , pitch and modulation wheel and A-110 VCO i have mounted in a wooden board.

Doepfer Dark Time
Doepfer A-155

No software midi sequenzer is used!

The computer is only used for the single-track recording!

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