IK Multimedia Drops Prices Across Its Entire Mac/PC Software Range

IK Multimedia has announced that it is dropping prices across its range of software and plug-ins.

Effective immediately, prices have been reduced up to 60% on AmpliTube, T-RackS, SampleTank, as well as the entire range of IK software products for Mac/PC. Additionally, the Total Workstation and Total Studio bundles have been updated and are now available with new pricing and a special introductory offer incentive.

  • Total Workstation XL: In addition to the popular IK virtual instruments included (SampleTank, Miroslav Philharmonik, Sonik Synth, SampleMoog and SampleTron), Total Workstation XL gives you all 15 titles of the Xpansion Tank Sounds Instruments Collection, providingplayers with nearly 20,000 sounds and 43 GB of samples. In a single product, users get sounds covering every acoustic, electric and electronic instrument category for virtually every musical style — a complete musical instruments’ toolkit — at an unbeatable price.
  • Total Studio 3: This bundle includes all the instruments and sounds of Total Workstation XL, plus all the newest full versions of IK’s world-class effects plug-ins including AmpliTube 3, T-RackS 3 Deluxe and CSR (Classik Studio Reverb). This essential studio tool covers the entire music production workflow from composition to mixing and mastering. With over 170 pieces of modeled gear from the widest range of guitar and bass effects, dynamic processors, EQs and reverbs, Total Studio 3 is the only complete essential add-on needed for true professional music production in any DAW on a Mac and/or PC.

Pricing and Availability:

Price changes are effective immediately and are reflected throughout the IK Multimedia distribution network. The new bundles are already available from the IK Multimedia online store and from authorized IK music resellers around the world.

Total Workstation XL will retail for $299.99/€239.99, with a special introductory offer of only $199.99/€159.99 ending October 31, 2012

Total Studio 3 will retail for $399.99/€319.99, with a special introductory offer of only $249.99/€199.99 ending October 31, 2012

All prices exclude taxes.

See the IK Multimedia site for details.

4 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Drops Prices Across Its Entire Mac/PC Software Range

  1. stuff was overpriced to begin with.

    they are still overpriced and going out the door to the newer versions around the corner.

    they always run these sales and piss off people who paid full price just months ago.

    they are going to run out of loyal users.

  2. This is ancient software, almost abandonware in the respect it commands. To IK Multimedia’s credit, they really milked their cow on all four titties. I do enjoy the Fairchild and Pultec emulations and I use them frequently.

  3. Their website fscking soks IMO.

    At first I was greeted with the “flash only” stuff (which is blocked by default in my browser), I enabled it then get greeted with a guitar blast through my speakers effectively waking up my gf.

    Even Native Instruments (also flash only website) has never been that stupid. Yes, yes; I know I could have lowered the speaker volume a bit (it wasn’t turned /that/ high) but this is just ridiculous and pissed me off pretty good.

    Professional my behind…

    Lets see… Total Studio E 200,-. To be fair I checked their video demo but honestly I wasn’t left very impressed. The sounds I heard were pretty much substandard. Even so, I think its a nice price and I can see people who might be able to benefit from this (what doesn’t work for me can very well work for you, who knows?).

    Having said that… When looking at the original price (after October 31st) of E 319,- then I think things change drastically. For that price you’d better save up a little more and consider getting something like Reason 6.

    Just my 2 cents here.

  4. IK products are cheap and so is the design. You get what you pay for. StealthPedal is noisy when plugged into the Mac, there’s a nasty hum that I can’t get rid of. Amplitube 3 uses too much memory and is unstable overall. Can’t record too many concurrent tracks or my DAW shuts down (running Pro Tools 10). SampleTank, SampleMoog, etc are ok but controls are not MIDI assignable. Overall a complete disappointment.

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