iZotope Releases Toys Sound Library For Iris

Boston-based audio technology firm iZotope has released the Toys Sound Library for exclusive use with Iris, iZotope’s visual instrument. This quirky sound library plays on what iZotope calls “childhood nostalgia, evoking emotions ranging from joyful happiness to nightmarish terror.”

The sound library features one hundred professionally-designed patch presets, with names like Lunchbox Lead, Unicorn Tears, Peanut Butter Nap, Mood Ring, and Candy from Strangers.

Alternatively, tinkerers can manipulate some of Toys’ two hundred new sounds within Iris, including wooden blocks, laser guns, dollhouses, wind-up cars, squeaky toys and xylophones, to make their own sounds.

Other Iris Sound Libraries by iZotope include: Food, Glass, and Wood.

Pricing and Availability:

Toys is now available for an MSRP of $49 USD.

To learn more about Toys, visit www.izotope.com/iris/sounds. To learn more about Iris, visit www.izotope.com/iris.

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