MacBeth Micromac-r + ‘Vaporware’ Stylus Controller

Saturday Synth Porn: MacBeth Studio Systems’ Ken MacBeth shared this video demo, featuring his new Micromac-r synthesizer and a new stylus controller/synth that he is currently developing.

If that’s not enough Scottish synth action for you, MacBeth also announced via his Facebook page, that he’s received the first batch of 100 factory-built Micromac-r synths – and it looks like he’s got synths stacked to the ceiling:

via macbethsynthesizers:

The first batch of micromac-r units have finally come back from assembly! The micromac-d is to follow on shortly!


During this time I developed a stylus controller/synth! I call it ‘vapoware’ because it’s only a thought….well for just now! Her it is controlling the all new micromac-r as well as generating it’s own sounds!….hope you enjoy!

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