Can Your Mobile Device Play This? (HTML Audio Test)

Can your mobile device play this?

Alex Gibson’s WAVE-PD1, aka WavePad, is a basic synth toy that sounds a bit like a theremin, built with HTML 5 audio.

WavePad has a simple touchpad UI and generates sound based on the waveform and filter settings that you can select. It can also be affected using delay and feedback settings.

While it’s unsophisticated as a synth, it’s built with HTML and delivered via the Web, so it should theoretically be cross-platform. At this time, only about 25% of the smartphones in use support HTML5 audio.

Does this work with yours?

24 thoughts on “Can Your Mobile Device Play This? (HTML Audio Test)

    1. BTW; If you are on iOS devices, please do yourself a favour and update to iOS 6 asap.
      It supports HTML Audio, Multichannel Audio/MIDI, InterConnect (just like AudioBus) and so much more… πŸ˜‰
      I bet we will see a lot of new apps (and upgrades) utilising these features very soon…

  1. Works on iOS6, but the application is very buggy, locking onto notes, becoming unresponsive, very glitchy. So, I wonder, is it the fault of the device or the application?

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