Demented Duet For Circuit Bent Sponges & A House Plant

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, Kraft Test Drummie & Robert Plant, captures a demented duet for a sponge-controlled circuit-bent drum toy and a Drawdio-style 555 oscillator instrument, controlled by a Plectranthus Australis.

via Cristian Martinez, 

6 thoughts on “Demented Duet For Circuit Bent Sponges & A House Plant

  1. If only people would spend as much time composing and refining their music as they do fucking around with wires and gadgets…

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  2. It’s great. They are doing, not whining (like some commenters) or waiting around for ready-made commercial gear. This is the way new things are invented and discovered!

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  3. I appreciate that this was all played live on improvised instruments, and wasn’t just plinky plonk artsy fartsy stuff. Good for you two! And it was ridiculous, which was also fun.

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