39 thoughts on “Orbital Live Performance Of ‘Chime’

  1. Are headlamps in full studio lighting as cool as sunglasses at night? ..or just as silly..?

    i read somewhere that Orbital are named after the M25 London Orbital Motorway.

  2. i’d rather see this on a 909, juno and s900 or whatever they were using….seeing it on 4 ipads and a ton of unnecessary gear..i dont know, makes them seem like beginners even though they certainly arent?

    1. press play would be fine if it were on some old gear with limited functionality in a dark venue. this performance is literally and figuratively “lights on”

  3. Zzzzz, this wasn’t a performance! I could play the same track on ONE electribe ESX-1. Too many iPads…don’t believer the hype, YOU DON’T NEED THEM!!

  4. It weakens your performance a bit when you actually turn your back on your tools and let them chug on behind you. Its too easy. Orbital is among the best of the bunch. I’d sure like to hear something bigger and more “risky” from them at this point. If you go too minimal, you run the risk of becoming ephemeral.

    1. That is narrow minded. Just because they’re Orbital that does not make the performance better per se. On the contrary, being Orbital we just expected more than this.
      I blame this on the title. “Orbital Radio Broadcast Performance” would be a better one.

      But it seems that for some people, criticizing or expecting more is only allowed to “verified” artists.
      There’s lots of much better performances that have been posted on Synthtopia by artists that have have achieved much less than Orbital…

  5. I’m a long time fan of Orbital. The old performances were epic, and the new ones are still pretty damn impressive (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8QcwjdrTM8). But in the video above? Meh. It was for a live web stream and FM broadcast. No, it wasn’t very dramatic. But it does show how they run their live setup nowadays, and that is pretty interesting (to me, at least).

    The part I find disconcerting is the gear setup they’re using for the “US tour.” There’s not much to it, so I’m not sure what kind of show I’ll be getting at Moogfest later this month :-/

  6. pretty cool, fun that they are reconstructing the old songs with new equipment that way, yeah it could be done with less equipment but whatever, great song from the originators no matter what they use to play it

  7. I think orbital was NEVER playing actual keyboards and was ALWAYS changing clips and turning knobs during the performance, so what’s the difference?

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