8 thoughts on “Tabletop Virtual Studio Tutorial

  1. Thanks for posting my video tutorials. :o) Here’s my observation about the comments so far… 1) Initial purchase of all devices after getting the app is about $70 total. Yes that’s a lot, but you get a lot out of the app in creativity and fun. 2) The one thing I’ve learned is the app will outgrow the iPad’s capabilities fairly quickly. Even now it’s possible to use half to three quarters CPU with different configurations. I’ve had the CPU way up in the last couple LED’s and had to back off some of the devices because I was getting audio anomalies in my WAV render. 3) Until they add a sampler keyboard, I feel a bit limited by the software, but at the same time it makes me try to expand my creativity by trying to conform to the limitations. 4) I’ve gotten my money out of the software already. In all of the music apps I own on the iPad, Tabletop was the first that I actually created a complete song on. That’s a testament to its workflow and ease of use. Believe me, I own almost all of the relevant music apps.

  2. I never got into Tabletop because its in-app purchase model really annoyed me and I had tons of other great apps that didn’t have that problem.

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