Arturia Prophet V Review

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In this two-part video review, Neil of airusersblog takes a look at the Arturia Prophet V, an expanded software emulation of a vintage synth classic – the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 vintage Synthesizer.

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If you’ve used Arturia Prophet V, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

5 thoughts on “Arturia Prophet V Review

  1. The Prophet V has a lot of character, and is a lot of fun to use. This is one of my favs out of the V collection.

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  2. It is like visiting a museum, but beyond that, it is not useful. There are so many free Prophet emulations that sound just as cold.

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  3. They can try but it will never be the same like the real stuff.
    From all the virtual instruments (synthesizers) there is not a single one that I like.
    If the sound is almost what I can accept the GUI sucks.
    And if the GUI is something I like the sound sucks.
    With a real instrument that you have everything on your fingertips,the warmth (analog synth) ,the character of the instrument,etc…

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  4. Also the interface of the arturia instruments are too small.
    Is it really a problem to make them big enough?
    It’s no fun working with it because they are too small.
    You can’t make the window larger,and it’s too small.

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