Arturia Prophet V Review

In this two-part video review, Neil of airusersblog takes a look at the Arturia Prophet V, an expanded software emulation of a vintage synth classic – the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 vintage Synthesizer.

If you’ve used Arturia Prophet V, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

5 thoughts on “Arturia Prophet V Review

  1. It is like visiting a museum, but beyond that, it is not useful. There are so many free Prophet emulations that sound just as cold.

  2. They can try but it will never be the same like the real stuff.
    From all the virtual instruments (synthesizers) there is not a single one that I like.
    If the sound is almost what I can accept the GUI sucks.
    And if the GUI is something I like the sound sucks.
    With a real instrument that you have everything on your fingertips,the warmth (analog synth) ,the character of the instrument,etc…

  3. Also the interface of the arturia instruments are too small.
    Is it really a problem to make them big enough?
    It’s no fun working with it because they are too small.
    You can’t make the window larger,and it’s too small.

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