18 thoughts on “Awesome Animoog MIDI Controller – The AniControl

  1. As much as I love Animoog and as awesome as this looks, this controller seems like a plaything for the super rich. For what this would cost to build custom, you could probably buy a MiniMoog Voyager. I’d worry about this being obsolete before I could pay it off.

    The craftsmanship on this is fantastic, though, and it looks like it would be wonderful to play.

    1. So anyone who don’t care about driving a car and save money by taking the public transports and would rather have fun with this controller is a super rich?
      What are you leaving for those Saudi princes with gold plated Ferrari? Come on internetS! 🙂

      This is a great great project and even if I would not be buying one.

    1. To prevent angry objections: yep, I know – Animoog sounds great as it is. But still, I would like to see a hardware version of the concept someday.

      To be honest: when Animoog was released first, I thought that it would only be a software prototype for a upcoming Moog hardware synth. Maybe we will see something like that, eventually…

  2. If I can assign midi to the controls to every other ipad synth, hell yeah I’d buy it. But my question is, what about the xy function on the Animoog keyboard? I guess that would be velocity or aftertouch which really isnt comperable to the Animoog keyboard. But still, full midi and I’ll buy it:)

    1. Firstly, thanks to all the nice comments.
      The Controller has midi in and out. Also the midi interface of the iPad. So you can control every iPad Synth, VST Synt or Hardware Synt. You can also use an external Keyboard or Stepsequencer via midi in of the controller to control the animoog together with the knobs of the controller.
      With the two knobs right from the Mod Wheel, you can control the green point of the X/Y Page to move it around the screen in x/y direction instead of your fingers.



    2. Excellent observation. Honestly, why make an Animoog controller without replicating the keyboard function of the app? The technology is here, though I’m sure that would greatly increase production cost.

  3. Been hoping for something like this since i got the app. I think Moog should
    consider a cheaper plastic version. Although i think a perfect animoog controller
    would have a physical version of the poly-pressure keyboard.

    1. that keyboard is what really sets animoog apart. so expressive if you can get over the hurdle of not having physical keys. combining both would be killer

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