Free Album Download From XAMBUCA

Free Music Friday: Reader Chandra Shukla, using the moniker of XAMBUCA, has released an album dedicated to the indigenous Ainu people of Northern Japan, Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands of the Northern Pacific. The album, “Kamuy”, is named after the main Ainu Bear God deity.

This album, along with XAMBUCA’s album Joulupukki, are part of an ongoing indigenous trilogy of Northern Indigenous Peoples inspired music including the Saami, the Ainu and the Inuit. The Inuit named album, finalizing the trilogy, will be released next year.

You can preview the album above. The album is available via bandcamp under a ‘name your price’ model.

5 thoughts on “Free Album Download From XAMBUCA

  1. Engaging stuff in my opinion. The poster “hadtocomment” was very vocal about the album’s perceived shortcomings. I think that’s infinitely preferable to indifference. Also, the artist’s name makes me crave for anise infused hard liquor.

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