Doepfer Dark Energy 2 Synthesizer (Unboxing)

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Saturday Synth Porn: Reader Thomas Kress just got his Doepfer Dark Energy 2 synthesizer, and made this short unboxing video and audio demo:

Just arrived! Unboxing the new dark energy 2 from Doepfer.

Simple sound example in the background with no effects and no mastering. Playing with the waveforms, pulse-width and filter knobs.

Sequenced with the iPhone app “Little Midi Machine” and an iRig Midi interface. Great little box!

If any other readers have tried the new Dark Energy 2, let us know what you think of it. We’re especially interested in how it compares to the original.

9 thoughts on “Doepfer Dark Energy 2 Synthesizer (Unboxing)

  1. Unboxing videos are incredibly stupid. I don’t care how the thing is packaged, show me how it responds when you tweak the knobs for heaven’s sake.

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    • i want to buy a second hand synth and the unboxing video is useful to know what’s inside the original pack

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  2. Could someone do us all a favour and let us hear how the filter compares to the original.

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  3. Get some proper sound demo’s out Doepfer, before anyone judges your new machine from this soundclip…

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