Audio Examples From The New Elektron Analog Four Voice Synthesizer

Elektron has posted another teaser for its upcoming hardware product.

They haven’t said anything about it yet, other than it offers ‘Traditional & Futuristic Sounds’ and that it’s coming in 2012. Previously, they’ve shared photos of the new gear.

No official announcement has been made yet, but based on analysis of the blurry promo images, it looks like the new hardware may be an Elektron Analog Four 4-voice synthesizer.

Let us know if you’ve got ideas on what’s coming from Elektron!

via eric, Peter Kirn, Elektron Forum

19 thoughts on “Audio Examples From The New Elektron Analog Four Voice Synthesizer

        1. That wasn’t my point….

          Why would you mention price Before we even know what it Is. Is my point.

          If it was a 200 quid empty box would you be interested…. 🙂

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  1. someone found a leaked image.. and it said “4-voice analog synthesizer”

    knowing electron.. im guessing $1200

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    1. That was supposed to be a reply to Finally.

      On the bass synth front…. There’s more than bass in the teaser.

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    2. But how can you guess. And what is the point. You don’t know whats inside of it…. how much is analogue!!! Is it VCO/DCO, digital filter and envs? Is it the opposite of that? Fully analogue? Etc. they all will play a part in price…. And I also have a kid. 🙂

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  2. still totally surprised and amazed by this. not sold on the sound but i know it will be another great and polarising soundbox. i do not fancy the gritty “vynil overlay” in this demo. unless its a feature like saturation fx or similar it´s a bit gimmicky. but yeah. totally tempted to have this besides the octatrack. just for aesthetic reasons if nothing else.

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  3. It looks like they have printed the audio demo onto a flyer (advertising card). Must have used a thin sticky vinyl type sticker or something…pretty cool idea!

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    1. It’s got 4 voice analog on the box.

      Though I’d have loved a solid sequencer instead of another synth.

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  4. I don’t own any elektron kit as yet but I am highly tempted by the octatrack for a hardware sequencer/sampler combo and the thought that they could be about to drop an analog synth is awesome. An example of a company not only responding to what people want but having the balls to be truly innovative.

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