Endeavor Intros 24-Key Evo Advanced MIDI Controller

MIDI controller startup Endeavor, creator of the advance Evo MIDI controller,has made several announcements:

  • a new homepage
  • Windows support
  • a new synthesizer (Windows/Mac/max4live)
  • ‘heavy and native’ Max/MSP Support
  • a new 24-key Evo is available for 499€. incl. vat.

Here are the details:

The 24-key Evo MIDI Controller

The Evo is a pure keyboard controller that is connected to a computer via an Ethernet interface, and that communicates via MIDI, OSC or a proprietary protocol. The Evo’s unique keys are equipped with a sensor that allows it to read the finger position on the key. As a result, every key offers, in addition to pitch and velocity, an additional level of polyphonic data input that can be used to play more expressively.

Here’s a video demo of the Evo and its technology:

With the announcement, the Evo is now available in two sizes:

  • 499 EUR (24 keys)
  • 999 EUR (48 keys)

Here’s an overview of how the Evo can be used with standard MIDI software:

This video looks at the Evo’s Max/MSP support:

Details on Evo’s free software, including Evosizer, Evo2MIDI & Max/MSP support are available at the updated Endeavor site.

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  1. This is cool, imagine if you map each knob of a synth to each key and you just jcahnge parameters with the keys! No need for knobs and faders

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