Giles Reaves On How To Make Space Music

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In this video, synthesist Giles Reaves demonstrates how to make a ‘space music’ style patch with Synapse Antidote synthesizer.

Then he does a space music improvisation, using the Antidote patch.

via SeligVideos:

Giles Reaves: Space Music Improv on the Synapse Antidote Synthesizer. Testing my new Nikon D600, and the new Synthesizer from Synapse Audio: Antidote (for Reason 6.5).

I created the patch from scratch in real time, as shown in the video. To keep in the “space music” theme, I used my night time time lapse footage from a recent trip through Southern Utah and Northern Arizona (including shots at Arcosanti, AZ).

5 thoughts on “Giles Reaves On How To Make Space Music

  1. Or, crank reverb and delay right up, play sustained chords, ride faders.

    I liked the space music at the start, too.

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  2. I thought it would be cheesy but atually its a really lovely sound, what master keyboard are you using. I think I want one!!

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