Free iOS App For Granular Audio Manipulation, GrainProc

Mayank Sanganeria has released a free iOS application for granular audio manipulation, GrainProc:

GrainProc provides an expressive control surface for granular manipulation of real-time audio input, well-suited for sonic sculpting and self-accompaniment of of guitar, voice, etc. Designed for quick control with fingers.

The app was a collaboration between Sanganeria & Kurt James Werner.

GrainProc is designed primarily as a live audio mangler, as demonstrated in this video:

The piece, Shimmering Horizons, is created from fragmented, temporally manipulated, and reconstructed sonic material (plucks, strums, and less typical excitations).

GrainProc is a free download from the App Store.

12 thoughts on “Free iOS App For Granular Audio Manipulation, GrainProc

      1. Exactly, ipad1 owners like me are screwed until we buy another ipad. A majority of apps will be IOS6 only eventually.

        Stop updating seems to be the only solution.

  1. I love it whenever a new granular synth comes out 🙂 And this seems like an effective little app. I like the you work the grain size. A delay would be great on it, but hey; thats just a small wish. I love delay:)
    Great app Mayank:)

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