8 thoughts on “You Can Never Have Too Much Modular Synthesizer

  1. I love seeing the Korg MS-20 as a controller so often. Here is this wall of doom modular and in the middle, a modest little synth with a compact patch bay. I think that’s really the ultimate granddaddy of today’s modular mania, especially in the realm of smaller synths or modules. I got a grin out of once seeing an MS-20 plugged into 3 MoogerFoogers. The old-new juxtaposition had an interesting pedigree. Also, I noticed the old ARP analog sequencer in the rig. Mine was fun for just a few months of increasing hair-pulling. It finally disintegrated, so I set fire to it like Rick Wakeman’s Mellotron. RIP, you POS, ha ha.

  2. The MS20 makes for an awfull controller since it does not follow the 1V/Oct standard. It does sound nice anyway. I have one, but I very much prefer my Korg Mono-Poly.

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