Simon Number Nine’s “What If…”

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Simon Number Nine’s What If…

Here’s what SNN has to say about the track:

I sampled this Judge who went on an insane rant on his Fox news show and got fired for it.

It inspired me to make this track,mostly in Ableton with a Korg r3,Korg ms10,Animoog and a boss dr550.

Then I realized i needed a video,which i made as two seperate streams in Ableton in time to the track and then mixed them together with Vjay on the IiPad.

via Simon number nine

4 thoughts on “Simon Number Nine’s “What If…”

    • To be Cabaret Voltaire he’d have to do something to the voice samples . It’s cool but musically I still feel there’s a disconnect between the voice samples and the music. Heck, most of the time I didn’t even have to try hard too understand what he was he said. With big government that would never have happend. ;-)

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