10th Anniversary Moog Minimoog Voyager Is Dipped In Gold, $15k

Got a spare $15k burning a hole in your pocket?

Then you may want to check out the 10th Anniversary Moog Minimoog Voyager. It’s like a normal Voyager, but dipped in gold.

Here are the details:

YouTube Preview Image


  • 2 Karat Gold Dipped Chassis
  • Black piano lacquered wood cabinet
  • Japanese Awabi pearl inlay
  • Personalized 24 Karat gold name badge
  • Rear backlit Indigo Moog logo
  • Indigo LEDs with tricolor LFO rate LED
  • Translucent rotary knobs
  • All black switches
  • Custom printed manual cover
  • Hardbound manual
  • Custom made wood crate
  • Letterpress certificate of authenticity
  • Limited to an edition of 31

The MSRP for the 10th Anniversary Moog Minimoog Voyager is $15,000. See the Moog site for details.

79 thoughts on “10th Anniversary Moog Minimoog Voyager Is Dipped In Gold, $15k

  1. I really like the little ditty playing in the background of this video. The lead tone is really beautiful, which is one thing I love about my Voyager; it can sound beautiful or completely dirty and brutal.

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  2. It looks like a bathroom fixture.

    I posted that comment under the video on U2b, but the moderator censored it. Maybe the right to free speech is more recognized here.

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  3. Or the demo unit in Home Depot’s lighting department. No, really, form follows function. It was in a carriage that looked like this that Prince Franz Ferdinand (a distant relative of mine) was shot by a Serbian separatist that led to the start of the War to End All Wars Or So The Germans Would Have Us Believe. You want to get shot at by separatists, you go ahead and be seen playing one of these. Leave me out of it.

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