StepPolyArp Updated

StepPolyArp – a real-time MIDI arpeggiator for controlling MIDI instruments and sequencers – has been updated to version 2.

Here’s what’s new in StepPolyArp 2.0:

  • New MIDI engine improving accuracy
  • Automatic chaining patterns
  • Internal sound bank
  • Adding a tap tempo
  • Midi control input can be deactivated
  • Improved undo manager
  • The Midi output can be saved with the preset
  • The speed can be modified from a popover menu
  • A different Midi channel can be assigned to each line pattern and each controller
  • iOS 6 support

StepPolyArp is $11.99 in the App Store.

7 thoughts on “StepPolyArp Updated

  1. Excellent update to an excellent amp. I only wish they’d let me export a midi file when I save my preset. As it is, I can just use a really clean sound and steal the midi from Melodyne, but it’d be nice to have a cleaner solution.

  2. Yes, I agree with kabletx….I also would like to export to a midi file. Now, with the internal sounds, this app is much more usefull. No need to use it with an external sound engine …now it actually a mobile app.

    1. It depends on what you want to do with it. There is no modulation possibilities as I have seen. The internal sounds might be ok to use to find a good melodi.

  3. i haven’t used this app yet – but how does it work?

    I’m not sure I get how this fits into people’s setups.

    Is there a demo of the new version of this anywhere?

    1. I understand how step sequencers work – but this is described as a MIDI arpeggiator. I’d assume that means that you play chords on something and it comes out of something else arpeggiated.

      But – do you play the chords on the iPad or on a MIDI keyboard?

      Do the arpeggios control soft synths, hardware synths or both?

      If anybody owns this, can you explain how you’re using it?

  4. You can play on the iPad or on a keyboard.
    The App will play internal sounds or send midi messages to other Apps, external gear, your computer, VSTs, etc. .

    Check YouTube clips and it will be easier to understand. This is a great little App to jam.

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