Free Modular Synthesizer For Windows

Kamioooka is a free polyphonic Full-Modular synthesizer, with patch cable system, for WIndows.

The free modular software synth lets you combine modules and make patches, using 10 module slots and 7 types of modules.

Available modules:

  • VCO : Oscillator, with PWM/FM/Sync functions.
  • VCF : HPF/BPF/LPF filter.
  • VCA : Amplifier with modulation input.
  • ADSR : Two ADSR Envelope Generator.
  • LFO : Two LFO with tempo sync mode.
  • MISC : Ring modulator/Noise Generator/Sample&Hold/Inverter.
  • SEQ : 8 Step Mini sequencer.

Here’s a preview of Kamioooka:

Download via the KVR site.

via tshinyagaito, rekkerd

21 thoughts on “Free Modular Synthesizer For Windows

  1. I’ve scrolled straight past this about 4 times today – hadn’t noticed that it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for years! I’m sure it’ll never be the same as a real modular, but FREE SHIT!

    1. Don’t worry. I have had Nord Modulars for a decade and one of my best tricks is to combine run Modular VST software through the Nord Modular.

      I’ve done it with at least a dozen different progs.

  2. Holy hell there are some nice freebies in the challenge this year. I haven’t had time to keep up with KVR in years, thanks for bringing this up.

    1. Exactly what i was going to say but the sound is quite different. I LOVE VOID and find it to be the most organic sound for a modular system, even more organic than real analog, more mellow. almost as if everything has to get aged in an oak cask first.

      However this Kamiooka program is much more brash and direct. The filters are much more mathematical.

  3. This looks very well-appointed, but free? Surely they’ll want to sell a few sound expansions and possibly a few more exotic modules later on. It has a clean and somewhat Roland-esque GUI, so offering a serious reverb module or a fancier sequencer would seem desirable. I’d like to see these guys make some money from it. Thumbs-up for a solid start with a good design. I hope they’re still rolling next year; I’d like to see how this might advance over time.

  4. Really great synth. Low CPU usage (in contrast with other DC12 entries, that made my CPU jump to 80%!), great sound quality. Voted on it in DC12 rating it as my 4 points choice

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