Got A Terrible Rig? Then You Could Win!

Got a terrible rig? Ugly, broken gear?

Here’s one instance when having a crummy music setup is advantageous:

Music gear makers Korg, HK Audio, Lâg, and VOX are collaborating on a Make Over My Rig contest. The winner will receive a new setup that includes the new portable HK Audio LUCAS Nano stereo PA system, a Lâg T66DCE acoustic guitar, a VOX AGA30 acoustic amp, and Korg’s compact MicroStation keyboard. Contest organizers say the prize package is worth more than $2,600 US.

Here’s the contest info:

To enter, take a photo of your live or studio setup that shows why you really need this gear. Upload your photo to Instagram with the tag #MakeOverMyRig.

Once the photo has been uploaded, please email the photo (right from Instagram) with your Instagram username in the subject line to [email protected] so that you can be contacted you if you are the winner.

One winner will be selected by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: Demonstration of Necessity of New Gear and Creativity of Photo Presentation.

The contest runs through December 15th, 2012, and is open to participants in the US.

The prizes sound pretty sweet:

  • HK Audio’s LUCAS Nano is a compact and portable PA (the whole unit, including the built-in 3-channel mixer weighs only around 22 pounds), offering the high sound quality and power of relatively larger systems of its type. It can be configured for both mono and stereo, and its micro-sized satellite speakers can also be used for numerous applications.
  • The Lâg T66DCE features a High-gloss finish and laminated spruce top with mahogany back and sides. The black and ivory colored body binding is complemented by a matching sound hole Rosette. A French satin honey mahogany neck is paired up with an Indonesian rosewood fingerboard A DirectLâg electronics system completes the package.
  • The VOX AGA30 is a 30-Watt, two-channel tube amp complete with Chorus and Reverb, plus Bass and Treble controls on each channel. A variety of inputs (and a Lo-Z / Hi-Z switch) are include to accommodate multiple scenarios: standard guitar input, XLR microphone input, standard 1/4″ guitar input, and AUX input (for jamming to a CD, keyboard, MP3, etc).
  • Compact and portable, the Korg MicroStation features Korg’s 61-key Natural Touch mini keyboard, “tons of sound,” dual arpeggiators and 16 tracks of MIDI recording power to “transform musical ideas into polished productions.”


8 thoughts on “Got A Terrible Rig? Then You Could Win!

  1. A monotron, KAWAI Personal Keyboard FS640, headset microphone (for vocals, soundeffects, and background chatter of some songs). All going into a computer with an AMD Phenom 2, 6 core processor. Out to a CRATE GT15 (15 WATT amp.) I think that I have the worst setup and post will be on instagram soon!

  2. My old setup used to be a Yamaha SU-10, a Roland PMA-5, a Tascam Cassette Four-track as mixer/studio, two Shure uni-dyne mics, and a Gibson harmonica mic. Crappy but ultra portable for 1998

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