Roland Releases Windows 8 USB Drivers

Roland Corporation U.S. has released new Windows 8 USB drivers for a wide range of Roland products.

Products getting Windows 8 drivers include their audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces, MIDI keyboard controllers.

New 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 8 drivers are available for these Roland products:

Audio Interface:

  • UA-101
  • UA-1EX
  • UA-1G
  • UA-25EX
  • UA-4FX

MIDI Interface:

  • UM-ONE
  • UM-1/1EX/1S/1SX/1X
  • UM-1G
  • UM-2/2C/2E/2EX
  • UM-2G
  • UM-3EX
  • UM-3G
  • MIDI Keyboard Controller:
  • A-49
  • A-500S
  • A-PRO series
  • PC-50
  • PCR-30
  • PCR-300
  • PCR-50
  • PCR-500
  • PCR-80
  • PCR-800
  • PCR-M1
  • PCR-M30
  • PCR-M50
  • PCR-M80

MIDI Sound Module:

  • SD-50
  • SD-20

Visit to download the new Windows 8 USB drivers.

4 thoughts on “Roland Releases Windows 8 USB Drivers

  1. It’s really nice to see that Roland keep up the support for their MIDI interfaces… think they have the best ones out there actually, or rather HAD… I’m really dissapointed that they stopped their UM-3G interface line (and UM-2G)… there is nothing better out there, unless you force yourself to work with MIDI time stamping, and when you work in SONAR like I do, these interfaces (UM series) are just the best timing you get, and the drivers are rock-stable.

    Really wish they had continued to produce the UM-880…

  2. like i never buy tascam again , they refused me win 7 drivers , even when i purchased brand new, well i sold , never tascam again … u bet .. Roland u rock , win 8 drivers , i dt even hv that yet … always Roland…

    1. Be aware of these above issues.

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