$300 iPad App, Different Drummer, Lets You Tap Into The ‘Fountain Of Drumming’

Hologramophone has released a iPad drum machine app, Different Drummer – priced at $299.99 – that promises to let you ‘use the innate rhythmic power of waves to control all aspects of drumming.’

Here’s what they have to say about their approach:

Since waves are the primal source of all cyclical motion in the Universe, it makes sense to tap into them for musical purposes other than synthesizers. Not only can waves create sounds, they can play sounds too! Basically, we have discovered the “Fountain of Drumming” and we are sharing our discovery with the world!


  • 8 Drum Tracks with 4-wave Cyclophone Controls
  • Control drum pitches, rests, ties and dynamics
  • Instant Capture in case you hear a killer beat you want saved
  • Save Wave Sets to Wave Library
  • String Wave Sets together in saved Sequences
  • Export Wave Sets as MIDI Files (via iTunes)
  • Over 70 stereo drum sounds (each update will have more)
  • Over 70 musical scales
  • Reverb effect and mixer
  • Automation for randomizing and morphing playback

No demo videos or audio demos are available at this point for Different Drummer, and features like MIDI sync, found in other iPad drum machine apps, are missing in action. Other developers, though, have not tapped into the “Fountain Of Drumming”.

Different Drummer is available for $299.99 in the App Store.

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80 thoughts on “$300 iPad App, Different Drummer, Lets You Tap Into The ‘Fountain Of Drumming’

  1. Have the app and love it! Jammed with a friend of mine and she loved it too. There are now two audio samples on the site, i am sure more will be coming. See another guy’s quote up there– great endorsement. The creator of the app is also the author of pixound app and Quark Design Pad. Here is developer’s personal website http://www.petermcclard.com.

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    1. The app has already dropped to 149.00 with no reviews, it obviously not selling, a bit costly for just a drum app. You can get a full daw app with sampler drums sequencer and more for much less.

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    2. Sorry I usually don’t comment on iOS or mobile stuff – I’ll never own this app and I don’t even own an iOS device, but I thought this deserved comment.

      This app looks very interesting – it does seem to have more up-front modulation capability than most drum sequencer plugins. However, the developer seems to be trying to patent something called “Cyclophone Technology” that is meant to be a new way to modulate music and timing parameters. After reading the background material on it, I can’t figure out the difference between this and LFO modulation. Can someone explain what you’re supposed to be able to do with “waves” in “Cyclophone Technology” that you can’t do with LFO modulation applied to the appropriate parameter?

      Again, this seems like a very interesting program in the *way* modulation sources are presented, but what exactly is patentable about all this? Maybe someone with some more hands-on experience with the app, like Valeriya can comment?

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      1. I’ve never heard of a Tie or Rest “parameter” in LFO parlance or for that matter “Cycles per Measure”. I’ve heard of unquantized pitch and dynamics and panning but this app seems to have a unique approach and they are not claiming to patent LFOs. How can Apple patent an iPad since it’s made out of metal, glass and plastic…common materials? It’s the way it’s organized that matters not the components that everybody “after the fact” thinks are so obvious. Anything becomes obvious once someone has shown you the idea and that why patents are there to protect inventors from imitators.

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    1. while it looks interesting, but i would be a $20 wanker.

      i wonder if their buisness model can survive this price and concept.

      if they’re hoping for higher-end studios, i would imagine that a computer daw makes more sense for those folks, not an ios drum machine.

      just my two cents

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  2. At least it has a fan, and perhaps a buyer. One buy, and that’s a deal for the developpers.

    150€… Really for differents people than me.

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  3. actually 129€ or something.
    still, judging by the “new and redesigned” homepage, this looks like a scam.
    i am sure it is not but the presentation of this app just radiates unprofessionalism, sorry to say.

    i invite everyone to go and have a look themselves.

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  4. How could it be a scam if they have sold them and the users are happy with it? I have yet to find one negative comment about the app from a user of the app, only from non-users. Yes, their website is a little amateurish but it doesn’t make them dishonest. I find your comments to be pointless as to the actual value of the software and more about your own aesthetics or pricing model. I don’t see why it’s OK to sell loops for 100€ but it’s a crime to sell quality software for generating all sorts of loops for slightly more. I’d like to see the price drop too but I’m not judging these guys for exercising their rights. People are just spoiled now and want everything for nothing. I think I just talked myself into buying it.

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