Pete Namlook Has Died

Producer, composer, synthesist and label head Pete Namlook (born Peter Kuhlmann in 1960) died November 8th, 2012, of as-yet unknown causes.

Kuhlmann’s daughter Fabia released a brief statement earlier today:

“It is with much grief that we announce the passing of Peter Kuhlmann, AKA Pete Namlook.

We are still shocked and are working on an official announcement that will follow soon to bring clarity to our minds. As word spreads on the internet more and more we just want to make clear that he died peacefully from as yet unspecified causes on 8th November 2012.

We will announce more details as and when they surface.”

Namlook was extremely prolific, releasing dozens of solo albums and releases with collaborators Klaus Schulze, Gaudi, Bill Laswell, Richie Hawtin, Tesu Inoue and others. Namlook also founded the German record label FAX +49-69/450464.

Here’s a sample of Namlook’s work, Air from his 1993 album of the same name:

Here’s a profile of Pete Namlook, from the electronic music magazine Slice:

You can find out more about Namlook and his Fax label releases at his site.

If you’ve got memories of Namlook or a favorite album, let us know in the comments.

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22 thoughts on “Pete Namlook Has Died

  1. Oh my! How unfortunate, and he was so young. Namlook was an integral figure in helping mature my musical sensibilities. His work in the early and mid 90’s, especially with Hawtin as From Within, was an incredibly influential set of albums for me. I just got back from travelling India for a month and the soundtrack to all of my train and plane trips were S.H.A.D.O. and S.H.A.D.O. 2 (Namlook with HIA).

    This man was and is a legend and one of the most prolific electronica artists ever. Top notch. Quality. We should thankful to have been left behind a stellar catalog of brilliant music.
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  2. His series of records with Klaus Schulze, Dark Side of the Moog, is epic.

    I got into him via Klaus Schulze. Where’s a good place to start with his other albums?

  3. Another hero fallen. I am deeply saddened. His music has inspired me for nearly 2 decades, and his aesthetic wove its way into my musical spice cabinet on a level unmatched by any other. Good journeys beyond the veil, Peter.

  4. Pete Namlook’s work was one of my greatest inspirations and really got me into electronic music. Especially his “Dark Side of the Moog” series of albums. His work deserves much more recognition. Very, very sad news!!!

  5. That’s a very sad news ! In the beginnig of the 90s I talked many times with him and he always sended me a box with his new releases. We were completely blown away with the “dreamfish” cd that we listened hundreds of times driving from germany to the french side at night watching stars and felt like a dreaming fish… omg ! Also got in contact with the Oskar Sala family in Berlin who loved Peter a lot.
    RIP, Bodo

  6. This is too bad. I remember back when you you could get anything off the fax label and just melt. My first listening was Sad World 1&2. Still a favorite of mine. R.I.P. Pete. We will hear your music in the air.

  7. One small debt I owe Peter comes from his use of alternate tunings in a couple of pieces. Aside from Wendy Carlos, he’s the only electronic artist I can name who showed how powerful they could be when used in contrast with our standard common tuning. That’s part of a worthy legacy.

  8. Does anyone remember “Dreamfish”? Pete co-wrote this with Mixmaster Morris in the mid 90’s. Seminal, beautiful album and part 2 just as good. Peter Namlook will be missed 🙁

  9. sad news …i wont forget you Pete …and our wonderful time doing the 2 “ELEKTRO” Cd’s together…have a good trip wherever you went to <3

  10. Pete was a musical universe….It would take many lifetimes just to be able to hear all of the music that he created….Now…I will try for the remainder of my life to hear all of his music….I also listened to Dreamfish tonight….

  11. i have so many funny memories of working with pete over the years. when we started the “hemisphere” project in new york back in ’93 he said to me “we don’t need all these synths to make a record, if we are real musicians we could just bang two spoons together”. the “studio” was a few synths on the floor and pete yelling into his ems synthi “it’s not my way”. i am beyond sad to hear of his passing.

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