Arturia Intros Spark Dubstep

Arturia has announced availability of SPARK DubStep, a software suite dedicated to heavy-duty dubstep rhythm track construction.


  • 30 different kits ranging from pure wobble anthems to revisited EDM and Hip Hop tracks on dub steroids.
  • More than 960 pre-programmed MIDI patterns, that you can also customize to your needs.
  • Made for live performance: FX Pad, Looper, Slicer and Real-time automation on all parameters.
  • 14 high quality effects : Multiband Compressor, Reverb, Sub generator, Destroyer, Bit crusher, Multiband EQ, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Phaser, Plate reverb, Flanger, Space pan, Limiter.
  • Spark’s Step Sequencer makes track creation a breeze.
  • Perfect integration: 16 independant audio outputs, midi I/O.
  • Unparalleled sound quality based on virtual analog synthesis (TAE®) and high resolution sampling.
  • Playable through any MIDI keyboard or drumpads.

Here’s a video intro to SPARK DubStep:

YouTube Preview Image
SPARK DubStep is available as a software download for €99.00 / $99.00 or boxed for €119.00 / $129.00.

10 thoughts on “Arturia Intros Spark Dubstep

  1. Hmmm, I don’t know about this. I understand Dubstep is popular right now, but they couldn’t come up with better name?

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  2. Hopefully Arturia has their support systems in place now. They have nice software, but arguably some of the worst support of any software vendor I have dealt with. Sorry if I sound bitter — just sold off ~ $600+ worth of Arturia software for $200, after failure to resolve crashing issues for eight weeks… and no word from Arturia support. What finally drove me off, was seeing that I was not alone – on Arturia’s own forums. Like I said – hopefully they have things under control now. If not, buyer beware.

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    • Decent support matters more than the particular features of a product, because those alone mean little if the wundertoy suddenly urps a bug at you and the company seems to be on a permanent lunch break. I’ve thrown away 3 softsynths over that and now stick to the ones that offer some backup in a pinch. There’s nothing like paying for your software and receiving good service to close the best of circuits.

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  3. Everything cliched about dubstep in one easy-to-use steaming pile of digital whimsy. Those 960 MIDI patterns assure that no user will ever have to write a single original note. Its Wub Nirvana. I know, I know, here come 42 Dislikes. OTOH, I’m with ORACLE about the MiniBrute, which is a well-designed beast.

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