The MacBeth Touch Keyboard Stereo Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Saturday Synth Porn: This unique instrument is a prototype, created by Ken MacBeth, of a new Touch Keyboard Stereo Synthesizer. 

He shared this image of the prototype, along with these comments, at his Facebook page:

Whilst the Micromac- D is in production- I’ve been concentrating on another ambitious project- a touch keyboard stereo synthesizer!

I have now etched both the control (lower) pcb and the ‘touch plate’ front panel! This is how the synths I do start out. This is a prium product with some rather unique features- but basically 4 Oscillators, 2 Noise Generators, 1 LFO, a Dual State Variable Filter, 4 Envelope Generators, 2 VCAs (Stereo) and a stereo ‘tape delay synthesizer. It’s been a long term development over years. The micromac series have been designed for those who wish for the vintage ‘moog-like’ sound- this is a completely different design!

Here’s another look:

Note: The MacBeth Touch Keyboard Stereo Synthesizer is a prototype; no pricing or availability has been determined at this point.


10 thoughts on “The MacBeth Touch Keyboard Stereo Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Don’t mention Diatron or ask Macbeth about the companies he uses that do work for the miltary.
    He won’t like them questions.
    Just recently went to Berlin, and only one of his synths was on show at the schneiders buero.
    Where is he flogging his gear?

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