Sunrizer Updated With Two New Filters & More

Sunrizer – a virtual analog synthesizer for iOS – has been updated.

Here’s what’s new in Sunrizer 2.1:

  • Updated with Retina graphics
  • MIDI clock synchronization
  • New filters: Wave shaper and Power BPF
  • Virtual piano keyboard velocity simulation
  • Configurable instrument tuning, audio latency and MIDI inputs
  • Optimized performance

Sunrizer is $4.99 in the App Store.

9 thoughts on “Sunrizer Updated With Two New Filters & More

      1. Yes, I consider iphone’s size an advantage over the ipad in some ways, but is it ever annoying when updates come for ipad only!!
        Can anyone explain why that happens?

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    1. A plug-in version would be great! If they have promised a VST & AU version, that’s cool news, indeed. I’ve got some nice plug-in synths, but this one would be an excellent addition.

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  1. about the velocity simulation> turn up velocity to filter1+2 and volume (in the fx section)
    then velocity is mapped to the y- axis of the key and the sound changes accordingly to where u hit the key

    standalone/AU>it will be standalone l first with AU following shortly after, seams like i get the beta next week or so 🙂

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