Elektron Analog Four Synthesizer Available For Pre-Order

Elektron has announced that the Analog Four – its new analog synth + sequencer – is now available for pre-order.

The Analog Four is priced at $1149. Shipping starts Dec 3rd.

Here are audio demos for the Analog Four:

See our post on the introduction of the Elektron Analog Four more details.

10 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Four Synthesizer Available For Pre-Order

    • A 2-osc synth with noise, fast envelopes etc. means it can do drums – indeed, there’s quite a lot of analog drums on some of the demo tracks. With per-step sound switching you can effectively stick all your drums on one track. It’s a pretty awesome deal.

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    • you can make drums easy enough just like any synth with decent envelopes, i’m glad it doesn’t have built in samples like some of the electribe voices

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  1. I have to give it up to them for the outstanding price, the CV out, and for resisting the no-doubt near-overpowering urge to include dubstep in their promo video for it on their site!

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  2. This sounds absolutely amazing, I am dying to get my hands on one and using the cv options with my moogerfoogers! And as much as I wish it was just a bit less expensive, I have to admit that the price is probably spot on.

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  3. I’m excited to be getting one. I have really enjoyed the other three machines, and I am looking forward to utilizing the quartet. It’s nice to see “non-analog” manufacturers entering the arena with their own, unique sound…or, if not truly unique…at least their own flavor.

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