Music Theory For EDM

Music Theory For EDM is a series of tutorial videos that look at scales, harmonies and rhythm in the context of electronic dance music.

Topics covered include major/minor scales, chords, inversions, natural and harmonic minor scales, chord root movement, polyrhythm, nested rhythms and tension and release.

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13 thoughts on “Music Theory For EDM

    1. What term would you use? I think honestly …. EDM is fine for the rest of the world to know what it is they are listening to.
      Sure I was there in early 90s loving hardcore and breakbeat.. and HATED the term drum and bass… I mean how stupid does that sound Drum and bass? It was jungle pure and simple to me at the time.
      Then more than a decade of drum n bass.. and guess what.. it didnt change a bit… why.. cause it has drum and bass. So electronic dance music to someone who has no idea or cares to learn about stupid genre names….. Its all EDM… kind of like saying Metal… Well do you think Deathmetal burping and farting bands want to be classified as that. Or Hip hop… Do you think the average person who hears a hip hop track is like … oh yeah.. thats trap.. no bro that dirty south… Its all hip hop….. With classical music.. do you think piano classical should be clumped with harp players playing the same song? Guess what.. its all classical the average person. Or stuff that plays on MTV and the radio on high rotation.. Do you think those bands want to be called Pop… well guess what.. the average person is going to relate that music being pop. EDM is a perfect way of grouping all the genres together. What genre is a track using a standard house 4/4 pattern and tempo but using hardcore gabber samples and arranged in an acid jazz manner with rapping through psytrance filter style gated. Personally… just leaving it as some EDM track is going to sit better than calling it hybrid style or some other clever wordplay. I consider swingdick(dubstep) EDM… because dubstep isnt even the genre name the whole sound started from..

  1. It was maybe Juan Atkins or Derrick May, who said techno is music you have never heard before.
    II see all the ‘refill packs’ and all the sample cds, as a kind of modern version of auto accompaniment
    on a bontempi organ.
    Auto accompaniment, for those who are not making experimental music. Music comes out of peoples minds and into instruments. The ‘corporate edge ‘ telling is what the genres are is real seriously sad.
    Nag Nag Nag by cabaret Voltaire, The Normal OD, Decades Joy Division, Interference by Model 500.
    These where original pieces of music. It is good to learn technique , but we need to follow our own instinct in music.

  2. bah my comment was half posted so here you go :

    Lol at the guy talking music theory for EDM creation and not being able to get a decent mic sound. That noise going louder each time he talks is driving me insane within seconds. It’s crazy to have people talking about music creation and not being able to make something “hearable” for a video.

  3. Me, I’m still a big fan of OMD. Those guys created some of the richest hands-on synth work I’ve ever heard. Yeah, it was rather simple, but it has texture out the yang and the songs are about something besides booty. They played synths with a great feel that rose above a lot of the field’s goofier offerings.

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