Caption This! The Phantom Of The Monster Synth Edition

In 1974, horrormeister Brian De Palma released a bizarre rock version of Phantom of the Opera, Phantom of the Paradise. The movie bombed everywhere, except for Winnipeg, Canada.

In this epic photo from the film, songwriter Paul Williams (Rainbow Connection, Evergreen, Love Boat Theme) talks with a leather dude in a hawk mask, in front of T.O.N.T.O. the monster synth.

Think you know what these guys are talking about? Then Caption This!

48 thoughts on “Caption This! The Phantom Of The Monster Synth Edition

  1. If I plug this cord in the power it shall release upon this world is unthinkable. I normally would never think of this travesty, but a helmet shows that you can handle the pure musical talent it may bestow upon you.

  2. “But with the blast shield down, how will I know where to plug things in?”
    ……… “With that new CV5000 master helmet, this very patch cord is rendered …obsolete.”

  3. “So, you’re saying, … if I plug this in to the third panel on the upper left behind me, I’ll get really out-of-this-world hawkish keyboard filter tracking. Huh! I might just try that!”

  4. It’s tempting to be snarky about this photo, but given how I looked in the 1970’s, I’m not going to. I think Paul looks very sophisticated with his soup bowl haircut, pasty white skin, and tinted glasses. Yes, that’s what that look is — sophisticated and cool.

  5. I don’t know what theyre saying but I do believe this is another example of elektron’s outlandish advertising. In this case they used a time machine to travel back to 1974 and create a feature length film just to tease the four voice. If you watch the whole movie you’ll see the four voice for half a second at the very end.

  6. “Sorry, it won’t run until we get that software update from Image Line. How’s August for you?” Doubleplusgood points for the guy who referenced Daft Punk, heheheheheh.
    Yeah, FOTP is a real eye-roller, but it was designed to be, as a colorful neo-put-down of 70s excess. Its the only flick worthy of being on a double bill with “Rocky Horror.” After all, they’re first cousins. Hell, I’d like to see Guillermo Del Toro do a remake of it, BWAHAHAHAAHAA!! I also submit that Paul Williams is an outstanding songwriter deserving of more cred than he sometimes receives.

  7. (L) Look I’m back and this time I brought my holo-helmet.
    (R) Are you sure you want to plug into this holo-synth ? You do know that the feeble minded can easily be overwhelmed and even controlled by it’s hyper-dimentional patterns, right ? When a player is not strong enough to resist the neuro-feedback loop, it most likely WILL short circuit with disastrous consequences.

    Well, it’s up to you, are you ready to see what it has to show you ?


  8. OK, so I’ve spoken to Tonto’s Expanding Head Band, and they’re not gonna press charges just so long as you give it back… ASAP. Can you hear me in there?

  9. Now look! Your mother and I have warned you about this before. I thought you were going to buy one of those little Radio Shack Science Kits. Next thing we know, the fridge, the TV, and the car have mysteriously disappeared! Quite frankly, we are getting MORE than a little annoyed with you… LOOK AT ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU!!

  10. “Master Chief” – “I’m afraid we were wanting more orchestral music for Halo 4, rather than the 70’s progressive Tangerine Dream style.

    “Paul Williams” – “Well Wait, I think I can do some dubstep, just let me tweak a few knobs (pulls a few patch chords, tweaks a few knobs, gets a weak wub wub wub”

    “Master Chief” – Yeah I think thats enough, we are going to go with the guy from massive Attack”

    “Paul Williams” – “Darn, I had even wrote the Cortana Connection for master Chief to sing.”

    “Master Chief” – “uhhh..yeah…I’ll be leaving now……….”

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