KOMA Kontrol Surface CV Controller (2013 NAMM Show Preview)

KOMA has introduced a new touch screen controller for modular and CV synths, the Koma Kontrol Surface

The Kontrol Surface is a 2-axis touch screen controller that offers:

  • 1 x CV output
  • 1 x inverted CV output
  • Manual gate output

Here’s a demo video and details:


The KOMA Kontrol Surface

Here’s what KOMA has to say about the Kontrol Surface:

Each channel also has a hold function, so it will hold the current CV value as soon as the hold button is pressed.

Not yet implemented but in development is a sort of ‘momentary/clocked hold function’, that means that a value is only taken and processed according to a provided external clock signal OR without a clock signal attached only when there are changes in the values, so you could lift of your finger from the pad, it will hold the value and as soon as you touch the controller on another point it will start processing again and so on and so forth…

Furthermore we are going to make the Kontrol Surface into a ‘Light’ and a ‘Pro’ version. The light version will have all the functionalities as written above and as you can see in the video. The ‘Pro’ version will have a third axis, which is a capacitive sensor underneath the touch controller measuring the amount of surface covered, i.e. the third dimension (Z). Also the ‘Pro’ version will be equipped with MIDI functionality, so it can literally control everything!

The KOMA Kontrol Surface devices are under development – but are expected to be officially introduced at NAMM 2013 and to be shipping in the end of Q1 of 2013.

4 thoughts on “KOMA Kontrol Surface CV Controller (2013 NAMM Show Preview)

  1. I have the Koma Kommander which is superb, I think I’ll go for the regular version, as I don’t need any of that modern MIDI nonsense ;o)

  2. I , on the other hand, really like the MIDI-ed version. 🙂 I was just thinking about how nice it would be to have a MIDI touchpad controller. However, this one does seem a bit too small. Isn’t “pro” version also bigger?

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