Roland TB-303 vs Bass Bot TT 303

This video demo, via Bonnline, pits the classic Roland TB-303 against a modern clone, the Bass Bot TT 303.

This is not a controlled sound-lab comparison, but just a quick video that lets you see the two synths next to each other and hear them together.

“The TT is value for money vs the price of a TB,” notes Bonnline. “If you own a TB, you will notice the slight differences, but man that TT is impressive.”

“The bass end blows the TB away, but the TB still has those strange idiosyncrasies that the TT just can’t quite replicate,” adds Bonnline. “Build quality is just like a new original. The tuning-accent pots are higher, thus easier to turn, but may feel a little wobbly for it. I think TB owners will be shocked at how good it is!.”


15 thoughts on “Roland TB-303 vs Bass Bot TT 303

  1. The Bassbot sounds a lot better in this video… the 303 by comparison seems thin and lifeless. With these and x0xb0xes and other options, I just can’t see why anyone would shell out the cash for a ‘real’ 303 these days. If I had a 303 I would sell it immediately.

  2. That thing looks like a 303. So, I’m more interested to know if some of the Basspot parts (ie its Pots) will work within the TB303. Always, good to have a backup component source for repairing the older machines.

  3. I made this vid but have actually deleted it now as it was a bit unfair to the TB303. I’ve made a few other more comparable ones. The TT303 only sounds louder because the monitor it was coming from was closer (that’s all).
    The TT303 Bass Bot is a good clone and it’s better than my x0xb0x but The TB303 is still the king.

    It’s all a matter of taste (and money!!).
    The TB is the original but lacks the modern ports (midi/usb etc without modding) and is it’s prone to maintenance issues, sticky buttons, crackling/hissing pots etc. There is no denying it still has the ‘x factor’!

    The x0xb0x is hand built and depends on the builder to do a good job. It also has all the modern connections you need and is easier to program.

    So is the TT an x0xb0x in a TB case? I haven’t open it yet as the warranty would be void – the manual says it uses surface mount technology – this makes it different from the others as they are through hole technology.

    As for the sonics I think it’s the closest I’ve heard and build wise it is very similar to the TB. There are differences, the front button panel is smooth and the LEDs sit flush, also the buttons don’t protrude as much as the original. The tuning – accent pots all sit higher that the original (makes them easier to turn, but they feel a little wobbly for it).

    I really like the TT but won’t be selling my TB any day soon 😉

  4. I think no matter how good the clones are people will always say the original is better. I’ve got less invested because I’ve only ever used an original once, but I’d happily take one of the clones over spending thousands on an original.

  5. At the end of the day, once everything else is mixed in the listeners aren’t going to be thinking “that 303 sounds a bit off, I wonder if it’s a clone?”

  6. Well, of course they’re going to sound similar through distortion… I effing hate that noise. Gimmie reverb and delay any day, hold the distortion, please.

  7. TT303 and TB303…
    Folks, I’m no photographer or video expert that’s for sure but the negativity received for these videos was somewhat disheartening to say the least. I’ve removed them all as no offense was meant. No doubt someone will make a better attempt, until that day…

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