10 thoughts on “Adding Character To Digital Sounds

  1. I’ve got like 666 different saturation tools to choose from in Windows… at least 500 of them being freeware. All you really need is knowledge to get your mixes sound nice and round, and lots of patience choosing the right tools for that. Oh, and you do need developers doing plugins for the platform of your choice, too. that’s one of the reasons I will never go OS-X, the same reason why I never went Linux even though I love Linux and I’d be all over it if there were more good plugins for it.

    1. …and you managed to turn this into win vs osx nonsense.
      i use both and please do name, say, 20 win exclusive saturation plugins.(lets ignore the quality aspect even)

      the topic deals with saturation. you put forth an non existent argument and make a useless point.
      osx, win or fukall. tool is a tool.

  2. Oh cool, he’s back. I liked watching his production tips/ audio manipulation vids way back when. New album’s a bit hit and miss though.

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